Contents Nearby

  1. Grocery store (every day 7-21h, Sunday 7-14h)
  2. Bakery (every day 5-21h, Sunday 5-13h)
  3. Fruit and vegetable (every morning except Monday)
  4. Butcher (every morning except Monday)
  5. Menu restaurant
  6. Serbian Orthodox Church (liturgy on Sunday at 9 am)
  7. Roman Catholic Church (Sunday Mass on Saturday at 5 / 6 pm and Sunday at 10.30 am in Hungarian, Sunday at 9 am in Croatian)
  8. Cultural Centre
  9. Palic Zoo (every day from 9 to 6 pm)
  10. Aquapark (every day from 10 to 6 pm)
  11. Lake Palic with promenades, bicycle path around the lake (free to visit at any time)
  12. Centre of Subotica